Top Three Qualities Every Efficient Community Association Manager Must Possess

Efficient community association managers play a vital role in ensuring that communities run smoothly and residents’ needs are met effectively. However, not every community association manager can perform the job with the same level of proficiency. In this blog post, we will discuss the top three qualities that every efficient community association manager must possess. From excellent communication skills to financial acumen, these qualities can make all the difference in the success of a community association manager. So, let’s dive in and learn what makes a great community association manager.

Top Three Qualities Every Efficient Community Association Manager Must Possess


Community associations are a way for people to come together and create a shared space that fosters a sense of belonging, safety, and community. However, running a community association is no easy task. It requires management of many rules and the needs of all the community members. And when it comes to managing these needs and rules, having a great Community Association Manager (CAM) is essential. In this article, we explore the top three qualities that an efficient CAM must possess to run a successful association.

Qualities of an Efficient Community Association Manager

  1. Smart
    • A great manager has a drive to improve and enhance their skills while ensuring what they do is in the best interest of the community.
    • Efficient CAMs possess the knowledge, technical skills, and experience needed to handle the complexities of community association management.
  2. Hungry
    • A strong CAM is a good listener who is accessible and committed to the community’s needs and aspirations.
    • They empathize with members and are patient while addressing their concerns.
    • Managers should lead by example and be accountable for the results they deliver.
  3. Humble
    • Efficient managers are aware of their ability to complete tasks and make decisions based on their critical understanding of the complexity of the community association.
    • They comprehend the importance of teamwork and collaboration while communicating clearly and engaging all members of the community.
    • To achieve their goals, a humble CAM should understand their role in the association and work collaboratively with residents, staff, and board members.

These essential qualities come from Patrick Lincione’s book called “The Ideal Team Player” to help organizations identify the best employees for their workforce. They assist CAM in handling their responsibilities effectively, promoting a positive community association environment, and facilitating the delivery of services and benefits to community members.


Running a community association is not an easy task, and a CAM is essential for overseeing the many aspects of management successfully. Hiring a competent and qualified CAM with these traits can lead to a harmonious and productive community. Affinity is one such organization that is always striving to improve the quality of its services. That’s why they are looking for talented and committed individuals to serve their clients better.


  1. Why is a competent Community Association Manager essential to running a successful association?
    A competent manager manages the many aspects of community association management, ensuring compliance with regulations and addressing the needs and aspirations of the community members.
  2. Can a CAM who lacks one of the three essential qualities be effective?
    While it is possible to be a good manager without having all three traits, an efficient CAM that encompasses the three traits can deliver better results and lead to a more harmonious community.
  3. What can a community do to help promote the CAM’s success?
    The community can support the CAM by regularly communicating their needs, collaborating with the manager, and sharing their feedback.
  4. Is it necessary to have a formal education or industry certification to become a competent CAM?
    While it is not mandatory, a formal education or industry certification can provide invaluable knowledge and skills to become an efficient CAM.
  5. How can Affinity help a community association manage their operations?
    Affinity provides efficient and reliable CAMs who embody the essential qualities required to manage a community association successfully. They also offer resources for homeowners to access information about their association’s governance, operations, and neighborhood policies.

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