The Gray Area | February 25, 2021

Fred welcomes Paul P. Terry, Jr., founding partner of Angius & Terry, LLP, a law firm that specializes in representing homeowner associations in construction defect and insurance coverage disputes in California, Nevada and Florida.
Fred Gray and Paul Terry will answer questions from our Zoom audience after covering a few topics pertinent to CAMs, Board Members and Community Associations.
Participants will gain an understanding and working knowledge of the Florida law regarding the filing of construction defect claims, an explanation of the Florida Statutes governing construction defect claims; filing claims; responsibilities of the association, Board of Directors, and developer; procedures, timelines, and requirements for construction defect issues; and practical guidance for associations as it relates to dealing with the pre- and post-litigation process.

The Best Qualities of a Property Manager

It is essential to work with the very best home managers who can supply you the very best services. To ensure this, you need to pick the best one with a professional mind and also performance. You also have to search for the ideal top qualities in them to ensure that they can confirm to be great worth of your cash.

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