Join the 2023 Spring Trivia Night and Test Your Knowledge – A Fun-filled Event You Don’t Want to Miss!

Looking for a fun-packed evening to put your general knowledge to the test? Look no further than the 2023 Spring Trivia Night! This event promises an entertaining and challenging experience, with a range of topics to suit both novices and seasoned trivia pros. Get your friends and family together for a night of friendly competition and join us for a memorable evening of brain-teasers and laughs. Read on to find out more about this exciting event that you won’t want to miss!

Join the 2023 Spring Trivia Night and Test Your Knowledge – A Fun-filled Event You Don’t Want to Miss!

Are you ready to put your knowledge to the test in a stimulating and fun-filled atmosphere? Then, don’t miss the 2023 Spring Trivia Night event! This year’s event promises an exciting time, with challenging questions, great music, and wonderful surprises.

The Business Partner Committee Hosted a Spring Trivia Event

The Business Partner Committee of our community organized the 2023 Spring Trivia Night Event. This organization is dedicated to creating useful business partnerships within the community, and they work diligently to build a strong business network among members.

Paint Pimps Won the Event

Last year’s event saw the victorious Paint Pimps! The Paint Pimps were a team of four players, who managed to get the highest points during the game. Could this be the year you help your team take the coveted top prize?

This Year’s Event Sponsors

The event sponsors are Burg Simpson, Consult Engineering, C&S Community Management Services AAMC, and Renovia. These companies continue to be a vital part of the community, and their sponsorship for this event will make it possible for everyone to attend.

The Event Will Feature A New Venue

This year’s spring trivia event will take place at a new and exciting venue. It has ample space to accommodate the audience, and we can guarantee that the decor will be breathtaking.

Alex-Productions’ “Higher and Higher” Will be Played at the Event

The music for the event will be provided by Alex-Productions, who has several years of experience in creating lively and engaging music. We are excited to have them perform their hit song “Higher and Higher” at this year’s trivia event. The music is under a Creative Commons / Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Test Your Knowledge with Challenging Questions

This year’s trivia event will feature a range of topics that will challenge and stimulate the mind. Some of the areas to be covered in the game include history, sports, entertainment and pop culture, geography, and science.

Are you a history buff who can name all the US presidents in order or a sports fan who knows all the cricket World Cup winners? Or are you a music lover who can recognize even the most obscure tunes in a song lyrics game? Come and show off your fun facts with your team!

The Event Will Be a Fun-filled Night for Everyone

The event offers more than just brain-teasing trivia, it will also be an exciting night filled with laughter, good food, and new friendships. You can enjoy appetizers, drinks, and a delicious main course, all-inclusive with your ticket.

And if you’re unsatisfied with your current group of friends, this is a perfect event to mingle and make new ones. There will be plenty of opportunities to socialize and network with other local business owners and professionals while enjoying the game.


This year’s spring trivia event is promising to be the best one yet. Be part of the fun-filled night that brings people together in a friendly atmosphere to test their knowledge and enjoy live music, tasty food, and fantastic prizes.

Make sure to mark your calendar for the night of the event and bring your team along for an unforgettable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the date of the 2023 Spring Trivia Event?
  • The date is yet to be announced.
  1. Who can attend the event?
  • The event is open to all members of the community, including local business owners and professionals.
  1. How much are tickets?
  • Ticket prices are not yet available. Please check back for updates.
  1. What type of food will be served during the event?
  • Appetizers, drinks, and a main course will be served.
  1. What are the top prizes for the event winners?
  • Top prizes are yet to be announced. Please keep an eye out for updates.