How CAM QuickStart helps managers and board members

Hi I’m Betsy and this is Cam matters Come join us today as we talk about cam Quick Start See how big this is you can have this It’s yours cam quick start is a day of Coaching for managers and self-managed Board members who want to know how to do Something and all you have to do is come With a list come join us as we talk About what cam QuickStart is Welcome to cam matters condos co-ops HOAs and Beyond Betsy barbeeue is an informational Leader in Florida on Community Association living rights and Obligations she is an expert on the Rights and obligations of owners as well As the association if you live or are Planning to live in the state of Florida There’s a good chance you’ll be part of A Community Association and by the end Of this show you’ll know a little bit More about Community associations and Why they matter We’re so glad that you’re here today we Have a really special show uh today Betsy and I are going to be talking About cam quick start Betsy what is a Quick start I know it’s important and Not enough people know about this that’s True yeah that’s true the tagline to That is help I have my license now what Do I do I love that I’m sorry it’s like Help okay I got my license but I don’t

Know how to do a thing so cam QuickStart Is for you individual managers when you Want to know how to do something that’s Coming up so if you’ve got elections Coming up what you learned in the Pre-licensing class was about this much But there’s like This much right to learn right of what To do For elections so Um you can come and we can go over all Those procedures for the elections if You’re trying to understand budgets you Don’t know anything about figures don’t Know how to read financials don’t know The difference between a profit and loss Statement and a balance sheet I’m not a CPA or anything but I I can get you by With some of that let’s talk about some Of the other topics because you have You’ve just mentioned maybe a dozen you Have so many well I mean what if they’re Coming up against an issue with an Elevator or well I have some information In the book about elevators I personally Don’t know a lot about elevators because None of my communities have them okay But your book has it my book right yeah And my book was that part of the Elevator book was written by Um Lee who is one of the experts in Elevators so it’s great the there were There are other topics I’ve got my table Of contents here the the book the

Resource manual is about a 250 page Manual with over a hundred pages of that Being forms That’s very valuable so you’re sending Them forms that they can edit I’m Assuming yes it’s the book I give you a Printed book just because I’m Old-fashioned and like printed books but Then I email the forms in a Word Document so they can edit them okay so They’re editable not edible Oh they’re editable I have to always Remember when I’d say it or type it Editable but the uh some other topics That are in the book Are um Things like Financial Basics material Alterations in substantial additions Official records elevators which we Mentioned landscape contracts pools mold Insurance HVAC Roofing fire alarms Paving building Coatings which is paint and then pages Of forms and I and I keep adding forms Anytime I come across something else That I think is useful and then you can Edit them and put your community’s names In there and okay and have them so this Is for someone basically who’s licensed That comes up upon a specific situation They can turn to this yes but yeah there Are a lot of self-managed associations And board members have come to me really Because because board members are doing

It all they’re doing all the notices and The posting and the elections and the Financials they’re doing it as Volunteers And they come right so right I don’t I Don’t care if you wanna if you want to Learn something I’m here sure yeah but The the it’s a day of coaching and the Way I um When I send out your welcome letter and Confirm your your date I say you know it’s a day all about you If you don’t come with questions and This one I liked a lot uh she came with She came with questions Is that just one layer of sticky nose Because I think I think it’s just one Layer but if you don’t come with Questions we have nothing to talk about So you don’t have an agenda you’re not Sitting down you’re not you don’t have Uh pass out or anything it’s really About questions it’s all about them very Practical you know yeah I uh take a um If they don’t come as organized as this Right if they don’t come that organized Then we just sit and chat for a while And they’ll give me a list of things and We work through them okay or or some People are proactive enough that they Type things out and send them to me Ahead of time okay so I want to look at Them But if if they have an issue I don’t

Know what to do with something don’t Know how to do a form I’ll type it up for them okay I mean if It’s something that I don’t already have Too many years of being a legal Assistant and being required to type up Things that are strange and I can type Forms I can type up a form you need a Form for a notice or you need a form for A violation letter or something like That I’ll can I can give you a template For that I’m not an attorney right it’s Not legal advice but it’s typing a form Why do you think that many people are Taking advantage of this particular Course because I mean the value is just Tremendous just the forms alone just the Forms alone is is invaluable yeah I don’t have a lot of people take the Class it’s scheduled once a month on a Tuesday okay it’s a standing once a Month okay and if that doesn’t suit you If you call me we can work out a date For you right that’ll suit you The I probably have Had a half a dozen six to eight people All year Who’ve taken the class which is really Surprising because you’re signups for Like the yes conference yeah you know You win 65 people for the summit yeah But I think a couple of things first People still don’t know it it exists Okay well they will now well I’m hoping

Yeah I’m not sure that they know what it Is okay because I have had some people Call and ask if it’s a Cram Course for The pre-licensing class oh sure no okay No I don’t have a Cram Course and those Of you who have been in my pre-licensing Class the Section reviews that they get are their Their Cram Course okay and then they can Come back free however many times you Want to right for that pre-licensing Class you can come back free for a year Nice so I don’t have a cram course you Can come and it’s Sit sit for a half a day or a day sit in On whatever you want to for that Pre-licensing class after you’ve done Your time for the first time but the Other thing that I I Think about is that managers don’t have Time to learn That’s why so many of them do the Correspondence courses and there are a Couple of Continuing ed companies that send out a Book that looks like a telephone Directory but that take that same kind Of paper yeah and say send us your 99 And send back the score sheet and we’ll Give you your credits and you know People are busy but you don’t learn this Is exactly a great point to stop because We’re going to come back on the other Side and talk about the best way to

Learn and how rare it is what you’re Doing to help people really be engaged In these courses so we’ll be right back Are you ready for a new career do you Have skills or interest in management Real estate construction maintenance Accounting strategic planning project Management budgets Human Resource Management lawn and landscaping Pool Services or any other expertise needed To operate a Community Association if You do Community Association Management Could be for you for more information Feel free to email Betsy at Betsy Florida or visit the Florida cam schools website at Florida Community Association Management Continues to grow career opportunities Abound Okay so here we are we’re talking about The cam quick start Um and what’s the tagline Help oh help I passed my test and now I Don’t know what to do I think a lot of people can relate to This yeah and and just we were kind of Talking about the fact that Betsy’s Course is in person can you talk about The value of actually learning in person And touching and asking for help and Coming over and And it could just be my learning style But it’s also my training style I I

Can’t train online right I can’t talk to You and communicate with you and connect With you and network with you if you’re Online I have to have people in the room For me to have the energy to give you All the silly stupid stories of the law And how it was developed I need an Audience maybe I should have been a Performer or something well it’s so easy To get distracted when we’re online and Not really paying attention and this is A really detailed stuff and I and I tell You a lot of people when they’re online They’re they’re looking in their book Yeah so all day I’m looking at the top Of your head I don’t even get to see Your face and I I just can’t do it so I Think and I I could be wrong but I think That I’m the only training company that Is left doing pre-licensing in person in Florida in Florida that um Miami-Dade may be doing it uh still and Their their campuses uh live but um my Other Um Cohorts around the state are not doing It live in person in a classroom I will Tell you this uh you know I took a real Estate exam and had I not been in person There’s not a chance I would have passed And I so I don’t think that the fact That you and I are both saying in person Is Difference Maker I don’t think that We’re that unusual

The can and so that that can quits quick Start then I tried that letting people Zoom in on that and it doesn’t work no They’re they’re left out if there’s any Other uh conversation going on here and I’m back and forth in the file drawers Over to the computer we might even take A field I was going to say you there’s Sometimes you actually have to leave Because there’s a question yeah that Requires you to do a field trip yeah I Go look it up on the computer right or I Go back here to The copier of the file Room and make copies so they have Samples of things and every now and then We’ll take a field trip So we’ll go look at a piece of property We’ll go look at what a we’ll go look at The swimming pool or we’ll go look at Something else I had one uh Come one time who Had had a community ask her to make an Offer and the community happened to be Up here so we just went out and looked At it and I said these are the questions That I think I would ask and when you’re Talking to the board So we just went out and rode around I Don’t care it’s your day yeah it’s you Come with your questions and the things You need to know I don’t I don’t care What we do and you can stay half a day You can stay all day I will book the Whole day for you okay it’s the same

Price whether you stay all day or not Okay so it doesn’t matter to me so let’s Get to that what is the price and how Would they sign up I believe it is 279 Okay I offer it once a month on a Tuesday It’s on the calendar okay I don’t know What else to to say about it other than More managers need to take it but they Don’t have time right those that work For management companies pretty much They’re one or two management companies And I’m trying to think Jacksonville That have sent their people here okay But other management companies they do Their own training and they won’t let Their their cams out to go train so what About people who want to start their own Management company well quite frankly You know what I get more of those than Anything else really yeah the the two Topics that seem to be the hottest the Questions are elections and how do I Start my own management company Sometimes I’ll have real estate brokers Who come and say I want to add this to My Income stream right right and then some Managers And and I’m going to say maybe even a Lot this is your second or third or Fourth career right you’ve worked for Yourself for years yeah and going to Work for a management company or even

Being an employee of an association’s Kind of like Yeah and and they’re entrepreneurial There was a young lady in my class this Weekend from Saint Mary’s Georgia and She’s anticipating managing there on the State line some Georgia properties and Florida properties for the Florida she’s Got to have the Florida license Georgia Has no license and I see management company written all Over her sure she said I’ll be back And I she’s also a realtor in Georgia so I I think that she’ll will come back Because very entrepreneurial young lady Yeah very impressed with her So as we move into the New York I kind Of need to wrap up the show but as we Look at next year and the need for cam You know managers and and management Companies and everything what do you see For the future what do you see for 2023 Well I hope we get a lot more camps if I Had one right today I could place them Really I have two or three places not That I’m a plug right you know right but That’s the need people calling you um People are calling me we we have a Shortage of cams and with developers Building a lot more communities And I think Too that some of the older communities That were self-managed have worn Themselves out and that Old Guard

Has moved on one way or another right And the new people the younger the Younger retirees don’t want to spend This much time okay and they need Management And a lot of communities don’t need a Lot of management the the ones I manage They mostly need two meetings a year in Financials a year two meetings a year That’s kind of my bar that’s kind of my Bar right there as much as I can do That’s doable for for some people who Felt like oh I can’t do that there’s Going to be a couple couple meetings a Month and dealing with board members and This and that and it doesn’t have to be No you can if you’re your own management Company you can cherry pick nice all Right I’m a little bit afraid of her pen so I Was hoping this wasn’t going to get me With it no I’m not going to teach you With it I’m not going to get you with it I haven’t been it doesn’t make me feel Powerful oh yeah something about it I Don’t know all right anyway we’re gonna Wrap up any final thoughts on this on Cam quick start cam quick start is Offered once a month and if the Tuesday That it’s offered doesn’t uh suit you Let me know I’ll find a day not this Month Budget season but I’ll find a day and Fit you in that’d be fine I’m gonna put

The pen down now now the show’s over Okay thanks for joining us bye Thank you for listening to cam matters Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss Any future episodes for more information Feel free to email Betsy at Betsy or visit the Florida cam schools website at information Provided on this show is General in Nature and does not constitute legal Advice please contact a licensed Attorney for your specific situation [Music]

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