HOA’s Controversial $350 Monthly Fee Hike Spurs Police Intervention and Public Outcry

We, as property owners, are facing a significant issue within our homeowners’ association (HOA) as monthly fees have been raised to an alarming $350. The controversial fee hike has not only prompted the intervention of police authorities but has also led to unrest within our community. With the implementation of these exorbitant fees, our property owners have felt compelled to voice their concerns and seek assistance from the police, resulting in a public outcry. Discord and frustration are now prevalent as we navigate through this challenging situation.

HOA Raises Monthly Fees to $350, Prompting the Involvement of Police Authorities


In the tight-knit community of Mandarin Lakes neighborhood in Naranja Lakes, discontent has been brewing among homeowners. The neighborhood’s homeowners association (HOA) recently announced a significant increase in monthly fees, a decision that has not been received well by the residents. The situation has escalated to the point where police authorities have been involved, highlighting the intensity of the unrest among property owners.

Residents Express Frustration over Multiple Issues in the Community

The increased fees are just one of the concerns voiced by the residents of Mandarin Lakes. Many homeowners have expressed frustration over broken amenities, frequent car towing, and increasing crime rates in the neighborhood. The once-thriving community has been plagued by various problems, leading to a decline in livability and a decline in property values.

HOA Board Informs Residents of a Second Fee Increase within a Year, Causing Further Discontent

To the dismay of residents, the HOA board recently informed them of a second fee increase within a year. This news has sparked further discontent among property owners who already feel burdened by the existing fees. The decision to implement such a drastic increase without considering the financial strain it places on residents has raised eyebrows and deepened the divide between the HOA and the homeowners.

Concerns Raised about Paying Auto Insurance for Security Cars that are Now Replaced with Golf Carts

One particular issue that has left residents perplexed is the requirement to pay for auto insurance for security cars that have been replaced with golf carts. Homeowners are questioning the rationale behind paying insurance premiums for assets that are no longer in use. This decision has fueled the residents’ skepticism regarding the transparency and decision-making process within the HOA.

Residents Unhappy with Broken Amenities, Frequent Car Towing, and Increasing Crime Rates

As mentioned earlier, Mandarin Lakes neighborhood has been plagued by several problems, including broken amenities, frequent car towing, and increasing crime rates. Homeowners have become increasingly frustrated with the lack of action taken by the HOA to address these issues. These unresolved concerns have created a sense of disillusionment and distrust among the residents.

HOA Accused of Ignoring Residents’ Complaints and Dismissing Their Concerns

One of the major sources of discontent among residents is the perception that the HOA has been ignoring their complaints and dismissing their concerns. Homeowners feel unheard and believe that their voices have fallen on deaf ears. This lack of responsiveness from the HOA has further fueled the frustration and anger within the community.

Residents Plan to Hold a Town Hall in September to Address the Issues and Seek Changes

Driven by a collective desire for change, residents of Mandarin Lakes have decided to take matters into their own hands. A town hall meeting has been scheduled for September, where homeowners intend to address the persisting issues and demand transparency and accountability from the HOA. The meeting is expected to be a crucial turning point for the community, potentially shaping the future of Mandarin Lakes.

Mandarin Lakes Responds by Stating That the Budget Amendment was Necessary

In response to the mounting pressure, Mandarin Lakes defended its decision to increase the monthly fees. According to the association, the budget amendment was necessary after receiving the 2023 budget from the Community Association. However, this explanation has done little to quell the disgruntlement among the homeowners, who feel that the abrupt fee surge is unacceptable and lacks justification.


The situation at Mandarin Lakes neighborhood in Naranja Lakes has reached a boiling point, with the HOA’s decision to increase monthly fees to $350 creating shockwaves throughout the community. Frustration, discontent, and distrust are pervasive as residents express their concerns over broken amenities, frequent car towing, and increasing crime rates. With the involvement of police authorities and an upcoming town hall meeting, it is evident that changes are on the horizon. The future of Mandarin Lakes hangs in the balance as homeowners demand transparency, accountability, and resolutions to the issues that plague their community.

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