Community-Based Project Management 2021

This video material is an excerpt of the webinar on Community-Based Project Management in the new normal featuring discussions on: Overview of Community-Based Project Management, Project Proposal Making, Budgeting and Financial Reporting, Documentation/Portfolio Designing (based on Enactus guidelines), Monitoring, and Evaluation.

Selling Your House To A Property Manager – What To Consider

Offering a house is not as simple as it could appear. This is a procedure that can take an extended period of time, particularly if you have a home that is not as contemporary as many buyers would certainly want it to purchase. But when you choose to sell it out to a property firm or manager, after that the process is made much less laborious for you since they acquire it as it is without you having to make any type of added modifications to its existing state. But even when picking this relatively much easier path, there are still things that are extremely essential for you to consider.

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