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For over 15 years we have been serving the Community Association industry through management, business ownership and education. As CAM Coaches, we talk to a lot of Community Association Managers, CAM students, Board Members, and CAM Firm business owners who are stressed out, exhausted and wondering why they’re working so many hours but accomplishing so little.


Everyone has needs and everyone wants your attention, board members, association members, employees, your boss, your family, they all have needs . And you’re so busy completing one task after another, that you forget to put aside the time you need to nurture yourself, your business & your community. Even making meaningful decisions, seems nearly impossible to keep up with along with your day-to-day responsibilities. Your needs are just as important as everyone elses.


We know the feeling all too well! We’ve been there done that. You started as a LCAM because you wanted to make a difference and get paid well doing so. Now you might be wondering is it worth it, or maybe you’re just a little stuck and in a rut, or close to burning out. If it feels like that’s what’s happening, Coaching for CAMS can help you get back on track.


Support equals success. Asking for help is the first step in changing your future. As your CAM coach, we can provide the support you need to set goals, make an action plan and track your progress. We’ll hold you accountable and help you achieve the success you want. You’ll see how to work smarter, not harder. Successful business Community Association Managers like you, are often in overdrive. You’re probably spinning many plates at the same time. Fear not, Coaching For CAMs by Licensed CAMS can help.


You need a CAM coach who can help you prioritize, delegate and arrange the pieces of your CAM business and personal life so that you begin achieving smart growth that makes sense with coaching options. We love working with experienced Community Association Managers, and CAM’s new to the industry or those who are wanting to become a CAM.


We work with board members and even boards. Heck we will even work with members who want to know more about  community association management in their community. There are many ways you can work with us; the CAM Pre-licensure Course, continuing education, one-on-one coaching sessions, webinars, virtual classes, workshops, retreats and seminars.


And now we’ve added, our Unlimited Laser Focused CAM Coaching. We only have 20 spots available. Once we have 20 clients the doors will close. If you know this is something you need, then don’t wait, act fast and take advantage of this limited time special offer. We’ll let you in on a little secret… the price will be going up. Right now, you’ll get half off… Be sure to listen to the very end to learn how.


Together, we can practice stress reduction, time management, achieving work-life balance, growing your personal skills or your business leadership and team building. It’s time to do what most successful people do and that’s get help from someone who’s already been there and who can help you save, time, money, and aggravation.


Let CAM Coaches become a part of your success team.


Right now, you have two options.


The first is for those who can’t wait to get started with Our Laser Focused CAM Coaching because they know the impact it will have on them and their overall performance.


If that’s you, then here’s what you’ll get:


1 full year of unlimited 15 Minute Laser Focused Coaching for $1997

For a limited time, the first 20 people who purchase our unlimited 15-minute coaching
we will cut the price in half. That’s right you’ll get a whopping 50% off that’s $997


Plus Act Now And Get These Bonuses


      • 1 year of FREE CAM Continuing Education (15 hours of training) – A $300 value
      • Access to our inner circle CAM Executives Group – A $497 value
      • Weekly Laser focused fast action sessions – Valued at $397

All this for a total value over $3,685


However, for those who act now you won’t pay anywhere close to the $3,685 even though you’ll be getting that much value… all you’ll pay right now is $997…
Click the “Get Started with CAM Coaching” button below now.

For the first 10 to enroll…
Get one full year of unlimited email access to ask us anything you like  – A value of $2,000

Making this a total value for the first 10 clients of $5,685 all for just $997 for a limited time only and only for the first 10.

We do this to reward those who take action fast.

Take action now and get the 1 full year of unlimited 15 Minute Laser Focused Coaching for $997 plus all the bonuses.


Once again, that’s only for the first 20 clients! Why only 20? Because that’s all we can support at this time, and we don’t want to be spread too thin and neglect the quality of the service we provide. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. You will also receive a free 30-minute free consultation and if at the end of the consultation you want a refund, you’ll get it.


After the first 20 spots have sold out, the price will be $1997 and the $997 price will be gone forever.


So go ahead and do it right now, click on the button below this video. Do it now.


Here’s Option 2.


If you’re not entirely certain this is something you need, but you don’t want to rule it out. You can try us for Free. Fill out the form beside this video and you will be on your way.


That’s right, give us 15 minutes to prove we are who we say we are and can give you the results you are looking for. If we’re not a match, no problem, we’ll part as CAM Friends.


You have absolutely nothing to lose, give us a try now!

Enter your name, primary email address and your phone number to schedule your free consultation with us.

Act now! Go ahead enter your name, email address and phone number to book your appointment now!


It simple, easy, affordable and is a must for any Community Association Manager that truly wants to be successful and make a huge difference in the communities you serve. As well as provide you with a piece of mind knowing you have someone on your team to help you during difficult times. Imagine having someone to talk to when you need it the most.


Our process is entirely unique and will depend on your goals, your business model, and what you want to do to make your business and life less stressful and a lot more fulfilling. You don’t have to feel like your spinning plates that are out of control, contact the Coaching for CAMs today and we’ll figure out how to help.

Click the “Get Started with CAM Coaching” button below.

Go ahead do it now, click the button below.


Coaching For Community Association Managers – Coaching for CAM by CAMS


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