2021 CAMYS – Management Firm of the Year Award

Visit www.bmitampa.org/camys for more information or contact our Executive Director, Kerry Barnes at [email protected] or (813) 557-5625

Thank you to Nathan Peirce of Down To Earth Landscape for representing on the CAMY Awards Planning Committee and for his assistance with promoting the event.

Top 5 Money Making Tips For Landlords

I am a big fan of holding residential property with a lengthy horizon. Whether you like rentals or otherwise, it is one financial investment, that offered enough time, will always generate for you. There are restricted amounts of it, as well as people need a location to live.

Using Credit Score Tenant Qualification

Allow’s say you have just received an application from a prospect for your household rental home. A vital consideration for you is going to be her credit report. But what weight should this history have compared to various other qualifying criteria, and exactly how important should the credit report itself be contrasted to various other criteria?

Property Management and Rental Terms Glossary

Whether you are fascinating in getting in the land area, or have just recently entered into business, it is amazingly helpful to understand the different terms attached with various exchanges. These terms are with regard to home administration and also rental situations. For added information, snap on the links that are provided.

Clean Your Filters – It’s Easy

Most of the time as the summertime embeded in, we get constant phone calls from renters saying the “A/c is leaking”, and throughout the cold weather, “the ducted home heating isn’t blowing hard sufficient”. Not only that, we obtain the old grizzle about the dishwasher not draining pipes or that it requires a service. Well, the solution is often really easy and ought to be component of all renters’ cleaning regimes.

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